Enabling cycling and walking will help Ipswich tackle its challenges of pollution, congestion and unhealthy lifestyles.

Comprehensive, convenient and connected cycling and walking infrastructure enables people to cycle or walk as the safe, natural choice for a large proportion of everyday journeys. This frees up road space for essential journeys that support the town’s economy.

What is the Ipswich Cycling and Walking Charter?

The Ipswich Cycling and Walking Charter is a simple statement of support for everyday cycling and walking as a means of making Ipswich a better town.

It outlines the benefits cycling and walking can bring to our town and is something that businesses, schools, the health sector, shops and individuals can readily support.

What are we trying to achieve with the charter?

The Charter enables organisations and individuals across the town to express their support for everyday cycling and walking, showing they understand that cycling and walking are good for business, good for our health, good for the economy and builds a better town for us to live in.

Charter signatories demonstrate to Ipswich and Suffolk’s leaders that there is wide support for cycling and walking and a growing consensus for investment in better cycling and walking infrastructure.

Enabling cycling and walking will help Ipswich tackle its challenges of pollution, congestion and unhealthy lifestyles.

Why doesn’t the charter talk about segregated infrastructure, reducing traffic, filtered permeability and other infrastructure?

The charter is about the principle of enabling cycling and walking rather than specific road design solutions.

By signing the charter are organisations showing support for Cycle Ipswich?

No. We recognise that many organisations will be happy to support a call for better cycling and walking provision without needing to align themselves with Cycle Ipswich.

Will the organisations that support the charter be made public?

Yes. The purpose is to enable organisations to visibly support the charter’s aims. Organisations may also wish to issue a press release and tweet (#IpswichCWCharter) to express their support. The charter will echo many organisations’ sustainability policies and we anticipate most organisations will welcome the opportunity to publicly support this initiative.

How can I support the charter?

There are three ways:

  1. Online: sign the charter on this site.
  2. Verbally: Speak to the person who brought the charter to your attention and indicate your support. They will then register this on the website.
  3. Go public: draft a press release indicating your organisation’s support for the charter. Some suggested wording for a press release can be found here. Tweet your support by including #IpswichCWCharter or @CycleIpswich if you want to include Cycle Ipswich. Quotes and copy for press releases can be made available by emailing info@Ipswichcwcharter.org.uk or using examples from here.